Thursday, May 07, 2009


The following was found while digging through some of Bob Church's belongings. It is a short writing Bob did on a napkin while at a restaurant during one of his travels at least 10 years ago (possibly while staying at a hotel in St. Joe). Louise Church would like to share it with you all here. And no, this isn't Bob haunting you all through his blog so don't rush to the phone to call your local paranormal society headquarters :)

Politicians in this world
Are really uptight

They get us in wars
They get us in fights
They say it's the economy
That brings it about

But then there are us
Who have found out

Don't get me wrong
I'm not afraid to fight
But in my own mind
I know it's not right
It's really strange
The position we'll be in

Because after the dead is counted
Neither will win
The dead will be dead
The lame will be lame
But the politician
Will still be the same