Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Last Rose of Autumn

Last rose of autumn,
Poised, self-assured, demanding my attention;
October’s glisten bolsters you,
Readies you for what must come.

Final crimson-tipped cream, satiny-smooth,
Regal semi-gloss realization of all we hold dear,
Standing tall where once, in earlier times,
Your sisters begged for fleeting glance or passing touch.

Scant blend of pastel, subtle-rounded glory passing once
Before our doubting eyes; forcing us to behold—one last time
Daring us to futilely search for peers of beauty.

Darker edges frame you— I’m complete with or without you,
Mocking me... why didn’t I notice you sooner?
You’ll leave me or I’ll leave you, sure as snow will cover us.

Daring me to pick your bloom, forcing me to settle
For one last breath of scented glory,
One last look at ruby-glittered perfection,
A final feathery-soft touch before you go.

I’ll not touch you now, nor impudently sully your grace,
No hand but mine has come so close, no eye yet witnessed—
So forever shall you persevere in my heart,
Unblemished, unstained, complete.

Bob Church © 10/4/03


Jo said...

Beautiful, Bob, as lovely as the rose.

Shirley said...

Bob, you literally took my breath away with this one. I can't stop reading it... over and over and over... this is one I will need to print and preserve. Beautiful, my friend.

Jo Janoski said...

Applause! Applause! Bob's inner poet emerges.

Scot said...

shit bob you a damn poet

gingatao said...

Absolutely gorgeous love poem, Bob. Careful, tender and sounds beautiful like soft sad music. Wonderful.

Dan said...

And you claim not to be a poet? Fooled the whole lot of us!

Nan J said...

Ahhh. ::::Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh:::

Lovely. Just lovely.

David Steinlage said...

Bob, it's a damn shame Moberly doesn't have a jazz or blues scene, or a bar where they have open-mic night. People would demand you set the standard for all other acts to emulate. And on some nights you'd show up wearing a Zoot Suit, just for the hell of it.

Jo Janoski said...

Sorry to barge back in, but Bob in a zoot suit? I'd catch the next plane to Moberly just to see that! Perfect!

Tina Trivett said...

I'm not quite sure why, but this made me cry. Such a tender, tender write. Lots of love to you my friend.

kaylee said...

This brings tears to my eyes.
It is lovely,and you are a poet.
I have know this for years.
Back to read once again,
and again.

hfurness said...

Nicely put, Bob - beauty, living in the moment and accepting it for all of its wonder and joy. thanks - a fan

Chico said...

i'll never again look at the last rose of autumn in quite the same way...

the last line says it all...

Lori Witzel said...

The last rose always smells sweeter than the others, to me.

A lovely thing you made and shared -- thanks, from the bottom of my tuckered-out heart.

Julie said...

Beautiful, Bob. I can smell the rose. It's always bittersweet in October. Yes, big applause coming from me, too. You're awesome, dude.

Poetman said...

Bob - This is fantastic...aching, and wanting - reaching, and hoping to be reached to - hands wanting to be held, and wanting to know that what is held, can be held for the eternity of a moment - forever.

This makes us so utterly human, and at the same time - much, much more.

Thank You...

amuirin said...

all the things they said

and an extra, from me. I hope you're good. I hope it's a good day.

S.L. Corsua said...

Full of tenderness, the way the words are chosen to capture the rose's essence. The third stanza held the most effect on me, as regards the notion of inevitability. :) Cheers.

amuirin said...

miss you

Tina Trivett said...

I had to come by & have another read...this is so lovely.

Julie said...

Me too, Bob. Miss you.

Poetman said...

Bob, I just wanted you to know that I am sure that I am not alone when I say - Bob, we're thinking about you and wishing you well...


kaylee said...

I wanted you to know I am
thinking about you and
hoping you are well.
Missing you
loving you
hoping for you
Peace for you
kay lee

Tina Trivett said...

Now I know why this made me cry Bob. I'll miss you.

Julie said...

Just saying hello again, Bob and Louise. We love you and miss you. Your poem is beautiful. I have read it at least a hundred times. Thank you for keeping your site up here for us to enjoy.

Shirley said...

Remember the Roses

Let us always remember the roses
and the thorns be a thing of the past
for the rose, though perfect in its time,
was never meant to last.
But better we recall the hue
of beauty on the vine
than shy away for fear of thorns.
Another rose.
Another time.

©Shirley Allard

I will forever see you in the splendor of the Autumn rose, my friend. I miss you.

amuirin said...

Hi Bob,

I still miss you in that achey way.

I hope you are well. I know your family longs to have you with them this Holiday.

Merry Christmas.

Tina Trivett said...

My rose bush in the front yard has given us one more perfect red flower today. I will forever think of you Bob, when I see the last rose. I miss you friend.

Diamond Core Drill Bits said...

Hey..It came out very well..It is as good as the rose..