Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Snippets to start the new year

Yea? Well, you, too, pal!

Maidenform's new line of hairbras for men

"Yea, I know... but you still need ID if you want to come in."

Dog-Butt Jesus... it's later than you think.

World's Surest Cure For Smoking


Karen said...

"Dog-Butt Jesus"? Bob, didn't your wife tell you to quit sculpting the dog's ass when you're home alone and bored?


Oh, and I wouldn't smoke those cigarettes anyway...they're not menthol....

; )

amuirin said...

Wow, I feel kinda dirty and slightly tainted....


(happy new year)

Bubba said...

Karen, I'll try a little harder next time to get you what you fell you have to have... heehee.

amuirin, naaaah... you shouldn't waste your energy feeling tainted on my drivel... but thank for taking the time to read it, nevertheless.