Friday, April 13, 2007

Left Bank Purveyor of Bargains

I have no stars to sell tonight,
my wares tend to lack their sparkle.
No streaming comets, either,
although, should you be inclined,
I might offer a lingering trail—
just for your amusement.

Perhaps a lilting dirge or two?
The requiem laments still sing—
though certainly not fresh nor sweet.
I assure you the terms are negotiable
and cheap at twice the price,
sold ‘as is’, of course.

Wait—I just thought of a sweet deal
on a fireworks display I took in trade,
shot by a news crew on the roof of a Baghdad hotel—
vintage 2002 complete with sound;
a real beauty, a one-owner cream puff
that you can drive away tonight.

I have no stars to sell tonight,
the clouds abound on every front,
but should you want to make the trip,
rumor has that Bushco brilliance
still releases stellar brightness—
at selected times along the Beltway.

Bob Church©4/12/07

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