Monday, March 17, 2008

...Et filii, et spiri--oops! (Part 3)

I am not a pearl hunter of any repute whatsoever, a fact whose sudden realization troubles me greatly. Vines, lianas of all types, certainly… recognition of their presence would not have seemed out of place at all. I can locate them at any time by merely extending my arms and they project a thousand years in any direction; the soulless appurtenances are omnipresent. So if I had envisioned a crudely fashioned ladder climbing intrepid to the forest canopy, I’d have merely shrugged and started climbing. Nevertheless, the vision of all manner of shells appeared before me; pukas, cowries, conch, abalone, spirals, starfish, you name it… piled alongside a strange flattop wooden stump decorated with the carvings of strange and elegant glyphs, some form of quasi-Byzantine or perhaps Maori tribute, no doubt. It is at times like this that I wish I had not dropped Cultural Anthropology 217 in college… Dumbfounded is a state of being that visits me more often than I’m comfortable admitting, so I shall refrain from emphasis upon the condition’s presence except to modestly and circumspectly (did I include casually?) mention it. I could see no path leading in any direction, no wood shavings to identify a carver’s influence or any other indication of a human presence. Yet there they were—graphic representations of intelligent origin, apparently created by carbon based beings of corporal substance.

I sat down upon the glyph-stump, hoping I wasn’t committing some undefined sacrilege against the spirits of the forest, and paused to take stock. Yes, I was lost; yes, I couldn’t be sure of east from west, inside from out… but now I knew I was not alone.


Shirley said...

When it comes to being lost you're certainly not alone...I'm right there with you this week! And there you are–possibly sitting on the map! Stand up Dude and find your way home! (Then get a picture of that map for the rest of us) :)

kaylee said...

You are never alone you always
have you.
Boy Scout Troop 121
could help.
and the shell thing...
gives a new meaning to
the phrase,
She shells sea shells on the
sea shore....(snort)


Scot said...

boy lessons:
forget to put the lid down and never admit you-re lost.

PaulS said...

Ahaha, Indiana Bob on the case, it's often when we are most lost that we find what we didn't know we were looking for or something,